What is an SSL certificate and what is it used for?


SSL Certificates are what enable websites to be more secure. They are used to create an encrypted channel between client and server. SSL certificates ensure that extremely sensitive data sent by clients over the internet remains inaccessible and hidden from unauthorized users. With an SSL certificate data is encrypted before being sent via the internet and only the server the data is sent to can decrypt the data which ensures that data sent over the internet remains secure.  

Types of SSL Certificates

  • Domain validation SSL: Certificate requires an applicant to prove that he/she has control over the domain name only. The certificate contains a domain name that was supplied to the Certification Authority within the certificate request.
  • Organizational Validation Certificate: Indicates that the applicants company is a registered and legally accountable business. The issued certificate contains a domain and company name of the applicant
  • Extended Validation Certificates: Includes validation requirements of two validation types mentioned above and additional requirements. The issued certificate contains a domain and company name of the certificate applicant.
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