How to Transfer a Domain

How to Transfer a Domain with Atom Media

Transfering a domain name with Atom Media  is an easy process; Firstly visit and in the header click on domains or click here to navigate directly to the transfer a domain registration page.


  1. Add domain you want to transfer and the auth code and click add to cart


  2. Crosscheck if the selection provided is correct. If you require hosting click on Add Hosting; this provide options from Shared Linux Hosting, Email Hosting, SSL Certificates

  3. If you want custom name-servers provide your specific name-servers in the custom fields provided and click on Continue.

  4. Provide Personal Information and Billing Information to successfully checkout

  5. Choose preferred payment method among Credit/Debit Card, Electronic Fund Transfer or PayPal.

  6. Complete order

    If selected Electronic Fund Transfer then payment/ bank details will appear immediately click on the complete order button at the bottom. Payment invoice will appear as well with order details which you can use when transferring money/ paying. If you selected payPal as payment method you will see the invoice as shown on the right. Under UNPAID you will see the PayPal Checkout button which will take you to paypal page which you will have to login there or register with paypal if you don't have an account.

Congratulations...! You are done with domain transfer. Your domain should be active in a couple of hours. Contact Atom Media for further assistance.

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